Master experience

In this experience there is a differentiated menu with cuts even more provered like Dry Aged and Prime Rib in the dynamic part will demonstrate the main knives and their different functions, process of sharpening and maintenance of knives, trends in the new cuts of meat, maturation process Tasting of matching special cuts with selected wine and handmade beers.

Contents of the dynamics


  • Main types of knives

  • Functions and Maintenance

  • Trend and Explanation of Special Cuts (Wagyu, Shoulder, Porter House, etc ...)

  • Maturation and Smoking Process (Dry Aged)


  • Sharpening of knives (chair and sharpener)



  • Mini choripan with pickles

  • Parrillera sausage

  • White bout

  • Zucchini with pecorino cheese

First dish

  • Dry Aged

Main course

  • Prime Rib accompanied by pumpkin puree

  • Dessert

  • Pineapple on the grill with ice cream

Harmonization free of selected wines and handmade beers

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