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Smoke Box) Stainless Steel 304

The Smoker Box Blue Smoke provides a longer smoking duration with firewood chips, since they do not get in direct contact with the embers. It works in charcoal, gas and electric grills. Simply insert the tuxedo box near the heat source and the meat a few inches up on the grill.


  • To use it is very simple! Just open and insert firewood chips from your choice.
  • Put Smoker Box in contact with hot ember (or near the heat source in other grills, such as gas), with the cover closed.
  • In a few minutes you will begin to leave smoke through the holes directly to the meats.
  • Ready! With this you will already have a smoked flavor on your roasts.


  • Always use lords of good origin in your smokers. They are responsible for taste.
  • Try to put Smoker Box on the average intensity coals, so the chips generate smoke only and avoid catching flames.
  • If by excess heat the firewood chips get fire inside the tuxedo box, just sprinkle some water on them that will return to just generate smoke normally.
  • Be careful when touching the tuxedo box after use, as it will be very hot.


  • Made in stainless steel 304, with 1mm plate for greater durability.
  • It has holes in the lid for continuous flake aroma flow.
  • Cover fitted / foldable, to facilitate refueling during use.
  • Product with excellent quality.
  • Simple to be used.


  • Weight: 800g
  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Measures: 20 x 10 x 5 cm

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