Handmade Knife Santoku
Handmade Knife Santoku
Handmade Knife Santoku
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Handmade Knife Santoku

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Handmade Knife in Carbon Steel 1070 Santoku Broker Knife

Note: Wooden cables may have tonality changes.

Gonçalo Alves (Brown)
Ipê Purple (Reddish)

Total length: 30cm
Blade length: 20cm

Tips and care to keep your knife conserved and sharp for future barbecues:

1) Maintenance Carbon steel knives after use:

"Do not leave dirty knife after use to avoid stains;
-Love well with the yellow part of the sponge;
- dry the knife with a dishcloth;
-And the knife at least 3 drops of mineral oil or liquid vaseline to avoid oxidation;
-To save your knife in the sheath, it is recommended to wrap the blade in PVC film to prevent the hem leather from absorbing the oil present on the blade, unprotected the same. 

2) edging knives

-You always use a letter to set the yarn and keep your knife in good condition;
-If it is necessary to grind, start with a stone of 400 to create a new edge and one of 1000 to enhance the wire of your knife;
- Remember if you submerge the stones in water for 5 minutes before you use them.

This is an 08-inch handmade knife manufactured in carbon steel 1070. A very thin and firm steel, which enables a prolonged service life compared to other materials. The properties of carbon steel 1070 make the wire lasting, thus avoiding premature wear due to successive actions. Her shape is perfectly anatomical for the movement of stinging food. A knife to have in the case of all the parrilleros master.

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