Black Cape Black Cable with Arm
Black Cape Black Cable with Arm
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Black Cape Black Cable with Arm

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Black Cape Black Chair with 10 "- World

Developed in high hardness steel with hard chrome coating, ensures long life and higher oxidation resistance. In two rod versions, the striated model retrieves the wire while the smooth aligns the same while holding the knife sharpened throughout the operation.

Ergonomic and more anatomical cables

Considered by refrigerator professionals as being the best cable on the market, it has the main adherence, safety and comfort during handling. The world, through partnerships with universities in Brazil and Europe, which have the most modern laboratories of ergonomics and biomechanics, have state-of-the-art equipment and submit their products to periodic analyzes, with subsequent evaluations with professionals in the sector, with the objective of Always improve the level of quality of your line.

Injected cables in virgin polypropylene directly on the blade

This process does not allow the cables to be released and absorb moisture, with a total exemption of cracks and the consequent guarantee of hygiene to the refrigerator.

Certificate with NSF Seal (National Sanitary Fundation)

NSF is an international organization, non-profit, which is dedicated to public health and environmental protection, through the development of specific standards.

During handling:

* Carbon's "Caira", never sanding the surface of the chair, causing the removal of the chrome protective layer and the hardness obtained in the cemented layer;
* Hang only through the ring or "tear" existing on the cable;
* Using two inches larger than the knife used;
* Avoid stem beats and inadequate uses;
* Work with the dry chair.
During the edging:

* Avoid burning the knife wire during edging (viewed by changing color that occurs in the wire zone), as the knife loses its cutting and durability efficiency;
* When the knife is very sharp, a small burr in the entire extension of the wire will appear. This burr should be removed in the edging room (never close to the meat to be cut) and, for this purpose, use a chair or polish the wire;
* The polishing of the wire is performed through felt pulleys and nndoxic polishing paste. This will leave the knife with the cutting softer;
* Test 100% of sharp knives. This will ensure that they will all be in good wire conditions when they return to production. To verify that the knife is in good condition of edging, cut the cut of a sheet of paper craft. The knife will be very sharp when cutting the sheet smoothly and efficiently, without locking or cutting roughly.


  • Use: domestic / professional
  • Cable: Polypropylene
  • Black color
  • Stain
  • Restrictions / Risks: Be associated with the use of knives, keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Durability: undetermined.

Product measures:

  • Length: 39.0 cm (cable 13.6 cm; rod 25.4 cm)
  • Width: 5.5 cm
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Weight: 373 g
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